Graduation Announcements

Some of you have been asking about personalized graduation announcements.  I think these are a great way to really celebrate your senior and give pictures to friends and family members.  There are a huge amount of templates out there for us to use.  I use a site called to purchase templates.  They are fully customizable.  You’ll even notice when looking through these samples that there are some cards that are similar, but have different colors or such.  You can change pretty much anything from colors to wording to fonts to picture sizes.  If you have ever seen my personal Christmas cards or cards I’ve created for clients, the templates come from Birdesign.  Hope this helps you understand what we can do.  There are all kinds of options….size of card, paper type, round or square corners, foil stamping, folded or flat cards ,etc.  Together we can make an amazing card for your senior!  Pricing varies, most 5×7 two sided paper cards begin at $1.65 and there is a minimum order of 25 cards.


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