About JCBP

“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”  Psalm 37:4

Hi! I am Christy Bounds. I am a teacher turned stay-at-home mom and my husband, Jeremy, is the Director of Information Technology for a local insurance company. Jeremy (being a technology guy) has always had a love for any electronics which included his first digital camera. At the time he bought it, no one even knew what a mega pixel was and it burned all the images on a floppy disk you inserted into the camera. It all seems so completely antiquated now! Well, needless to say, when we got married, he drug me into his world. We have been taking and editing pictures for quite some time now and we both love it!

Since then, God has blessed us with 2 beautiful little girls and a handsome son. They are probably so tired of having their pictures taken, but they have always been my little models. Every time I learned some new technique and I needed to practice or I got some new photo gadget, they have had to be my guinea pigs. They don’t seem to mind though. I have even heard my oldest say, “Mommy, wouldn’t that be a good place for a picture?” and “I really think this would be a great picture, Mommy” as she strikes a pose. Who knows? We may be seeing the future of JC Bounds Photography in front of our eyes!

I am the main photographer and editor with JC Bounds and if you make an appointment, I will be the one coming to see you. Jeremy is my “behind-the-scenes” guy. He may not be at the shoot to assist me, but he is always at home for when I upload the images. He assists with the technology side of photography. He is also my second shooter at weddings.  I do most of the actual artistic work, but we believe this venture is a true partnership which is why we are JC Bounds and not just C Bounds! Our goal is to give you a comfortable, laid-back photo experience. We strive to give you great customer service. We want you to come away with images that truly capture you and your family’s personalities. We just want you to have fun!!

God has truly blessed our family and blessed our business thus far. We praise Him for what He has done for us and we hope to give Him the glory for everything we are able to do because of Him!


(Family photo credit to Jana Rodrigues of Happy Times Photography by J. Rod)